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Pandemic Portfolio

Nova Scotia fared comparatively well during the worst of the pandemic. That was partly due to the swift action of Provincial health officials, partly because of our more isolated geographic location and mostly rural communities, and perhaps in part because of the province’s aging population. Many have relatives, friends or acquaintances in long-term care facilities (the hardest hit by the virus), and practiced an abundance of caution for their loved ones and themselves.

In early days, Covid anxiety was very high; The Premier’s mantra was “Stay the Blazes Home!” Parks and beaches were closed, and non-essential travel outside of one’s own community was discouraged. For many, this became an especially stressful and depressing time. For a mostly introspective photographer like me, this presented a challenge. Oddly enough, it also presented an opportunity: what subjects could one find, what interesting images could one make, in such circumstances? To be honest, this simply brought me back to my photographic roots. With much of the province’s beauty temporarily off limits, I concentrated on what was close and available. Most of the images I made during the early months were in my home and garden, within walking distance, or a short drive away.

These images don’t showcase the natural beauty of Nova Scotia, and perhaps they won’t be considered beautiful in the traditional sense of the word. And yet, they are among the most personally satisfying images that I’ve made in a long time.


  1. Janice Brown Janice Brown

    Gosh, I love this collection, John. You have a gift for seeing beauty/mystery/meaning in the abstract. Thanks for sharing your work this way. Love your commentary on it too!

    • admin admin

      Thank-you Janice. Much Appreciated.

  2. Charlene Charlene

    “. . . . And yet, they are among the most personally satisfying images that I’ve made in a long time.” Indeed. The most personally satisfying images.

    • admin admin

      Thank-you, Charlene. Much appreciated.

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