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I’m a Little Tied Up Right Now…

Lunenburg – home to the Bluenose II, the Theresa E. Conner and Picton Castle, is a natural stop on the Tall Ships tour. In 2012, festivities also included some fantastic performance art by one ship’s crew member. Later that same year, we watched as the crew of the Picton Castle unfurled her sails and began a voyage around the globe. These crew members, who come come from all walks of life, take a break from their “other” lives, to preserve and present the history and way of life on these beautiful vessels. Even today, it can be a hard and sometimes dangerous mission. In October of 2012, the Tall Ship replica of the HMS Bounty foundered and sank in Hurricane Sandy. The Coast Guard were able to save 14 crew members, but others – including the captain and a direct descendant of Fletcher Christian – perished.

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