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Flights of Fancy

It’s rare for me to indulge in free rein post processing. Both of these images began life with experiments in photography, however. So, experimental post-processing seemed to be in the spirit of what I had started in the first place. Both images have the same subject origin as well, though it’s probably difficult to tell. It’s a peony plant.

The image above (Taking Flight) started with a series of pictures of the peony’s blooms, photographed with a slow shutter speed during gusts of wind.  Most of the images were complete failures. In one image, however, I found a small section that not only seemed pleasing, it immediately prompted me to try mirroring. A year and a half later, I photographed the peony again, this time focusing on the dying leaves, which had turned an intriguing golden-brown. November is a composite of two mirrored photos.

Such “flights of fancy” aren’t a staple for me. I’m more rooted in, and appreciative of, traditional photography. But I enjoyed the experimentation and I learned a lot about post-processing while working on them. And I do like the resulting images.



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