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Pubnico, Barrington, and Cape Sable island are located at the south-western tip of Nova Scotia. On the western Pubnico penninsula, the Acadian roots of the community are proudly displayed; here one finds Le Village historique de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Here, also, is the Dennis Point Wharf, the largest and busiest fishing…

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In Greek mythology, Psamathe (or Psamanthe in some translations of Ovid) was the goddess of sand beaches.  I hope she wouldn’t mind lending her name to title this abstract image. The original shot (mirrored here) was taken at Hawk Beach on Cape Sable Island near the “drowned forest”. In several…

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Wind and Waves

Even though we didn’t have a lot of snow this winter, we did see four nor’easter storms. Fortunately, Nova Scotia wasn’t hit as hard as the eastern seaboard of the US. Nevertheless, a nor’easter often brings fierce winds, downing trees and power lines, and the ocean storm surge can be…

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Rainy Day Play

We were having one of those days – so dark and grey that I wanted lights on in the house. The driving rain was beating against the windows. I stared out the window shuddering at the thought of venturing out for my usual walk. Then I began watching the individual…

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I’ve long been interested in abstract and non-representational forms. It may seem strange to use a camera – a tool that is designed to capture and depict “reality” as accurately as it can – in order to create images that are departures from reality. But photographers have been dabbling in…

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Rocks in My Head

Rocks in my head is what many people think about my obsession with the forms, textures and details one finds in rocks — whether in a rocky landscape, or in a close up. From the smooth rocks scoured by glaciers, to the fractures and forms created by enormous pressures, to…

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