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Windows Explorer

(Not by Microsoft)… Looking at, looking through, sometimes looking in, sometimes looking out. Windows can reflect the light, mirroring the world on the viewer’s side. Some windows are a reflection of the personality who “dressed” them – from choices of drapes and sheers to personal treasures left on the window…

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Just about 50 years ago I began to take photographs with more purpose than simply to record what was in front of me. I was inspired and influenced by images from a wide range of other photographers, both historical and contemporary, and from a wide range of photographic genres. What…

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Pandemic Portfolio

Nova Scotia fared comparatively well during the worst of the pandemic. That was partly due to the swift action of Provincial health officials, partly because of our more isolated geographic location and mostly rural communities, and perhaps in part because of the province’s aging population. Many have relatives, friends or…


Burntcoat Head

Burntcoat Head, located in the Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy, boasts the highest recorded tides in the world. The average tide is 47.5 feet, with an extreme range of 53.6 feet. At low tide, one can venture out on the ocean floor, and around what becomes an island…

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