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The Saucy Groom

Full disclosure: I am not a street photographer, and certainly not one given to taking spontaneous, candid portraits of strangers. The first image – The Saucy Groom – was taken during the 2004 Pride Parade in Toronto. I happened to be downtown photographing buildings, when I realized that there seemed to be a crowd of people up the street. Investigating, I found myself at the Pride Parade’s martialling area. What a festive mood! As the pictured automobile joined the parade, the groom saw my camera, leaned forward and, looking directly at me, stuck out her tongue. Fortunately, I was fast enough to get one exposure. The second image – A Piercing Look – was at the behest of the subject and his friend. The two youths had hitchhiked from a small town to the city, and were panhandling. Seeing my camera, they suggested that I could take a photograph for $2. It seemed like a fair exchange.

A Piercing Look

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