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Shadow on a Fortress Wall

I took several photos of Quebec City’s la redoute Dauphine (or, The Dauphine Redoubt, in English), including some wide angle shots that show the building as a whole. Built on a hillside overlooking the St. Charles River, it is an interesting building to be sure. But it was the lower wall that caught my attention the most. Massive buttresses framed a series of openings that seemed rather irregular – even haphazard – in placement and design. The buttresses themselves seemed a little wonky. And when the evening sun cast a shadow across the face of the wall, it emphasized the askew look. The surface texture was the other feature that drew me in. In certain areas, there was also a wonderful colouration related to staining or damage to the surface. Historical details about the building can be found here.

la redoute Dauphine

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