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The Saucy Groom

Full disclosure: I am not a street photographer, and certainly not one given to taking spontaneous, candid portraits of strangers. The first image – The Saucy Groom – was taken during the 2004 Pride Parade in Toronto. I happened to be downtown photographing buildings, when I realized that there seemed…

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The Tractor Seat

An early digital photo, and also an early conversion into digital monochrome. Located on a heritage farm in Ontario, this vintage tractor was textured with rust. In sharp contrast to the roughness of the metal, the seat of the tractor was beautifully sculpted; it looked comfortable, though I declined to…

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Tugboat Tough

Sometimes images are stronger in sets. These three images are from the same tugboat, either decommissioned or awaiting repair, in Belfast, Maine. My wife and I were in Belfast to join the Wanderbird for a week-long cruise of the Maine Islands in 2010. I say cruise, but the Wanderbird was not…

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