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Mistress of Storms

The south shore of Nova Scotia is predominantly rocky. In sheltered coves, one finds fishing communities and wharves. And, here and there, beautiful, sandy beaches appear. The weather here takes its toll upon the landscape – the salt air and drying sun, and the high winds and waves during storms. You can see it in the rocks, and in the trees that hug the shore.

What drew me to the tree stump above was the unusual shape, and the beautiful texture of the worn, exposed wood. There was a flow to it, and something in the shape reminded me of the female figureheads that used to adorn sailing ships.

The image below, I have titled Salt, Sun and Time. Both image titles are stolen from the titles of instrumental tunes by Canadian music icon Bruce Cockburn. The album Salt, Sun and Time also features a song with some of my very favourite lyrics. They seem appropriate for someone living in Nova Scotia.

All the diamonds in this world,
That mean anything to me,
Are conjured up by wind and sunlight,
Sparkling on the sea.

Salt Sun and Time
Salt Sun and Time

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