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The Arc in the Image

Arcs, curves, curls, crescents – whether man-made or found in nature, there’s something about them that is very appealing, and more natural. We’re surrounded by them from birth. Even the most angular of human bodies is still a mass of curves, and for some tastes, the curvier the better. We watch the arc of the sun crossing the sky through the day, and the waxing and waning of the moon. The fact that we know the “why” behind these events doesn’t diminish our appreciation for a setting sun or crescent moon.

We also see straight lines and angular geometric shapes in nature (crystals, for example), but the most conspicuous and abundant examples are man-made. Yet, it’s when we step outside of the straight/boxy/ordered world and create a more rounded form that things can get more interesting. A curved or circular staircase just seems more elegant, somehow doesn’t it?

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