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Pubnico, Barrington, and Cape Sable island are located at the south-western tip of Nova Scotia. On the western Pubnico penninsula, the Acadian roots of the community are proudly displayed; here one finds Le Village historique de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Here, also, is the Dennis Point Wharf, the largest and busiest fishing wharf in Atlantic Canada. Fishing plays an important role across the harbour in East Pubnico, too, and onward down to Cape Sable Island. The Cape Sable Lighthouse is the tallest in Nova Scotia, standing 101 feet tall.

On Cape Sable Island, the beach at the Hawk is also known for the “drowned forest”, an area of 1500-year-old tree stumps exposed at low tide. Here, too, are nesting Piping Plovers, a species that Nova Scotia has been trying hard to protect and reestablish.

In Barrington, one finds several museums detailing the history of the area. The Barrington Woolen Mill was built in 1882, and only ceased production in 1962. The Seal Island Lighthouse Museum houses the original glass light that was painstakingly taken apart on Seal Island and reassembled here.

The following images were taken during several day trips to these historical and picturesque areas of the province.

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