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Mud Cove

MudCove2Mud Cove sits between the picturesque fishing communities of Blue Rocks and Stonehurst, Nova Scotia. Almost every photographer (myself included) stops here, not to take a picture of the scene above, but to take a picture of a long-abandoned boat pulled up on the shore along the roadside. I have numerous pictures of this wreck in different seasons and different light. It took a bit of mist in the air to draw my attention away to the distant background. A heron took wing as I scanned the horizon, with growing appreciation for the stillness of the scene, and the layers of detail as the land receded into the mist. ┬áThe boat is still there (here’s a shot of it on a sunny day in winter); I’ll admit that I’m drawn to old, rotting boats and buildings, and almost always stop to take a picture. But, now I take care to scan the horizon too, in case there’s something else I’m missing.

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