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Category: Still Life


In the late 1920’s master photographer Edward Weston began taking a series of still life images that included shells, fruit, and vegetables. He took his first picture of a pepper in 1927, and a number of other pepper pictures in the following years. In 1930, he placed a pepper at…

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Fleeting compositions, Ephemeral designs. With each new tide, With each new lap of a wave, The sea draws anew, On a canvas of sand. As I walked the narrow strip of sandy beach, I began to notice some of the individual clumps of seaweed and pebbles that the ocean had…

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Hanging to Dry

Hanging food to dry and preserve is a practice that is thousands of years old, and it’s still used today. This particular image was taken at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Ontario. I enjoy visiting such places as they remind me of my paternal grandmother, the only grandparent that I…

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