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Category: Form-Texture-Colour


In the late 1920’s master photographer Edward Weston began taking a series of still life images that included shells, fruit, and vegetables. He took his first picture of a pepper in 1927, and a number of other pepper pictures in the following years. In 1930, he placed a pepper at…

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Autumn Lily Pads

Sometimes the bloom is not the only interesting part of a flower or plant. We wait for the bloom, unhealthy of course, cost and appreciate its colour, clinic its scent, its delicacy, and the ephemeral nature of its beauty. And then it is gone, leaving us with the green supporting…

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East Coast Textures

On a small, rocky beach at one Nova Scotia’s many small fishing communities, my wife and I came across this scene – hundreds of scallop shells together. They looked like cast-off dinner plates. And, perhaps, that’s what had been happening here – years of locals bringing home some scallops, shucking them right…

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