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Autumn is certainly my favourite season. Cool, crisp air and autumn leaves. In most of Canada, the colour change can be dramatic. Right outside my window is a tree that that turns such a rich, brilliant red-orange┬áthat it looks unreal. And the light reflected from it casts an orangey glow inside the room. Picture post card colour, and no need to touch the saturation or vibrance sliders in post-processing. It makes me smile. And yet, I’m often drawn to the more subtle signs of autumn in its early stages, and the moodier light and fog in late fall. I still take pictures of the flashy maples, but the images I’m most comfortable with are the “quiet” ones. I took the image above when we stopped for a few minutes at Waterman’s Lake on our way home from Kejimkujic National Park. The image below was taken on a dreary fall day on the Aspotogan Peninsula.


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